Who we are

HAAB is a holding company that specializes in developing businesses primarily in Saudi Arabia & GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. With its first investment over 60 years ago in Saudi Red Bricks Company, HAAB entered the market for high quality building materials manufacturing. Since then, HAAB has diversified into 3 specific industries in Saudi Arabia each with a track record of significant and consistent growth.

What we do

HAAB focuses on developing high potential local business and creating partnerships with international companies who seek access to the Saudi & GCC markets. We provide businesses with the following support:
- Investment & funding
- Government relations & legal
- Operations & Management




With over 20 years in the F&B industry, HAAB manages some of the oldest brands in the local Saudi market with continuous & sustainable success. Additional restaurant brands are one of the primary focuses as the F&B sector continues to grow: - Increase in consumer spending - Large gap in variety of options - Growing middle class - Large multi-national population

Real Estate

HAAB owns a diverse portfolio of multi-location real estate properties over a period of 20 years that has served as the asset backbone. The portfolio has seen steady growth as real estate in the region has proven to be a valuable long term investment in the region. Real estate value has been realized due to: - Population growth - Increase in foreign investments in the region - Improvement in infrastructure - Availability of mortgage & financing


HAAB entered the market for healthcare services by investing Tier 1 service providers in line with its vision to be a part of growing industries. The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia is poised for stable and health growth due to the following reasons: - High birth rate - Growing middle class - Government spending in healthcare - Large market gap in quality care


HAAB has been a part of high quality manufacturing of building materials for over 60 years and continues to maintain its stake in the sector as a strong market share holder. The following developments in the region have contributed to maintaining strong growth in demand for these products: - Increase in private investment in real estate - Growing population & housing demand - Government spending in infrastructure - New financing regulations for homeowners & businesses



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We are a progressive company seeking to expand our portfolio of top brands.


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